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Stillwater Expands Its Docking-Speaker Lineup

Stillwater Designs, known for its Kicker-brand aftermarket autosound products, is expanding its presence in Kicker-branded iPod- and Zune-docking speaker systems with four new models, including its first two docking clock radios.

In 2008, the company launched its first iPod/iPhone-docking speaker system and first Zune-docking speaker system to expand its small home audio presence. Those 40-watt models, since upgraded, remain in the line at a suggested $249 each.

They will be joined by two lower-power models — the iPod/iPhone-docking iK350 and Zune-docking ZK350 — at a suggested $199 each. Both 20-watt models will be the company’s first docking speaker systems available with optional rechargeable battery, retailing for a suggested $99.95. The ZK350 will also be Stillwater’s first Zune-docking system with HD FM signal amplifier and external HD FM antenna wire to reproduce HD and analog FM radio stations picked up by the ZuneHD’s FM tuner.

The other two new products are the iPod/iPhone-docking iK150 clock radio at a suggested $179 and the Zune- and ZuneHD-docking ZK150 clock radio at a suggested $179. Both feature dual alarm, full-range speakers with tuned-port enclosure, 3.5mm headphone jack, aux input, sleep timer, choice of 10 levels of display brightness and internal power backup for saving all settings. The iK150 is available in white or black. The ZK150 is available in black, and the white version ships in late November.

The two new systems lacking clock radio functions include the iPod/iPhone-docking iK350, which ships in mid-December with 4.5-inch square subwoofer on back. The supplied remote controls system functions as well as complete navigation of iPhone and iPod play-lists, albums, artists and videos. The Zune-docking ZK350, due in mid-December, offers the same features but adds the HD/FM external antenna that captures signal from local analog and digital FM stations picked up by the ZuneHD’s internal HD Radio tuner.

All of the iPod/iPhone devices are Works With iPhone-certified.

In other new products, the company expanded its selection of stereo headsets with six new models.

Stillwater will exhibit the new products at January’s International CES. The company markets Kicker-brand car audio speakers, amplifiers, signal processors and accessories as well as SoundGate-brand OEM-aftermarket integration devices.