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Sprint Raises Stakes In Carrier Competition

Overland Park, Kan. – Sprint upped the ante in wireless competition by reimbursing all of a consumer’s cost to switch to Sprint, including early termination fees and remaining payments on phone installment plans.

Sprint promised to pay “no matter what is owed.”

Sprint previously offered to pay up to $350 per line to buy out the contracts of consumers who switch to select Sprint plans. The reimbursement applied to early termination fees or the balance of a subscriber’s phone-installment contract. “Now there is no cap,” a spokesperson told TWICE.

Like the previous offer, the new offer is available for phones purchased at Sprint stores and through indirect channels. “Consumers just need to register online and upload their last phone bill at to receive their American Express Reward car,” the spokesperson said.

Consumers who switch must turn in their current phone, and Sprint said it will refund switching costs within about 15 days of completing an online registration and providing a bill that shows the early termination charge and device balance due. The award is paid via an American Express Reward Card after online registration.

To participate, consumers must activate a device on Sprint Easy Pay, iPhone for Life Plan, or Sprint Lease plan, or pay full retail price, with a new line of service. Customers then complete an online registration and upload a bill showing applicable charges for reimbursement within 60 days of activation.

Customers must also o turn in their existing phone tied to the bill they submitted. Customers will get a prepaid return kit in the mail.