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Sony Reorganizes Audio, Video, Communications & PC Into One Group

Sony Electronics has reorganized its audio, video and information technology businesses, creating one new organization called the Consumer Electronics Group (CEG), effective April 1.

CEG combines the Consumer Products Marketing Group (CPMG) and the Personal Network Solutions Company (PNSC) into one organization. Fujio Nishida, former head of CPMG, has been named president of CEG with Dick Komiyama, former head of PNSC, being named deputy president.

The decision to combine these four groups into one organization was due to the ongoing convergence of technology. As Teri Aoki, president/CEO of Sony Electronics, explained the new structure will “help Sony adapt even faster to our ever-changing technology landscape. CEG provides a single market-oriented focus that will help put the digital devices and interactive services of the future in our customers’ hands even faster than before.”

CEG will consist of four newly organized divisional companies:

  • Personal Network Solutions Company (PNSC) will retain its previous name and will combine the Vaio PC and digital imaging businesses. Based in San Diego near the Sony Technology Center, its president will be Mark Viken, who previously headed Sony Electronics’ imaging business.
  • Personal Network Company Engineering & Manufacturing (PNC E&M) will also be located in San Diego. It will consist of information technology development, manufacturing for Vaio PCs and Sony’s advanced telecommunications development operation for wireless device applications. President of PNC E&M will be Tom Brown, formerly Sony Electronics corporate controller.
  • Home Network Products Company (HNPC) will include color TV, DirecTv, TiVo, DVD video, WebTV and a variety of other home audio/video categories. President of HNPC, which will be based in Park Ridge, N.J. will be Vic Pacor.
  • Personal Mobile Products Company (PMPC) will also be based in Park Ridge and will include personal audio, mobile electronics, home telephone and accessories businesses. Ron Boire, who had been in charge of Sony’s Personal Audio Division, is president of PMPC.