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Smart Things Expands Compatible-Products List

Washington – Samsung-owned home-automation supplier Smart Things has expanded the selection of home-automation products certified as compatible with its hub to about 120 with the addition of three Aeon-brand Z-Wave products and EcoNet’s EV100 series of Z-Wave motorized vents.

Smart Things noted that devices that aren’t certified as compatible with its $99 hub might nonetheless work optimally but haven’t been tested for compatibility.

The Aeon devices consist of an indoor/outdoor multisensor that detects motion, temperature, humidity and light; a recessed door sensor that fits inside a door frame; and a siren with flashing LED lights and backup battery.

EcoNet Controls’ EV100 Z-Wave HVAC vents work with a custom driver in the Smart Things app to deliver a level of control beyond that available through standard Z-Wave controllers, EcoNet said. The driver was developed even though the EV100 vents are certified by the Z-Wave Alliance, the company explained, because vents do not fit into standard Z-Wave device profiles. EV100 vents, nonetheless, work with most standard Z-Wave controllers, EcoNet said.

The driver adds such enhancements as a custom vent graphic on the Smart Thing app’s icon list, a “virtual thermostat” function that controls the vent based on room temperature, a battery-level indicator, and a history of activity when the vent opened, closed or partially changed vent-slat positions.

A scheduling feature opens and closes the vents based on a family’s standard routines. Bedroom vents, for example, could be set to close during the day when the family is out and open again a couple hours before bedtime. The vents can also be automatically controlled via sensors that detect room temperature or occupancy.

EcoNet’s HVAC vents are direct replacements for standard vents in North American homes that use a forced-air system. They could reduce HVAC costs by 10 to 20 percent, the company said.

The Smart Things hub connects via Ethernet to a home router and supports ZigBee, Z-Wave and IP-accessible devices. Products certified as compatible are available from such brands as Belkin, GE, First Alert, Fibaro, Kwikset, Honeywell, Leviton, Philips, Schlage and Yale. The hub also works with Smart Things-banded power outlets and sensors, which sense motion, temperature/humidity, open/close and presence.