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Sears Intros Next-Gen Laundry Line

Sears is launching a redesigned line of Kenmore and Kenmore Elite high-efficiency front load washers featuring “smart motion” technology that’s gentler on fabrics while improving cleaning performance.

The smart motion feature is based on an agile direct-drive motor that creates five unique wash motions by precisely controlling the action of the drum. The motions are custom combined for each wash cycle, providing the proper amount of cleansing agitation for each garment type, whether it’s lingerie, denim or rugged work wear.

The five motions include:

• tumbling, a conventional wash motion where clothes are moved from the bottom of the drum to the top of the drum in a large, circular motion;

• rolling, in which clothes are gently moved in a small circle along the bottom of the drum, keeping them immersed in water;

• scrubbing, in which the drum alternates direction causing friction between the clothes, creating a scrubbing effect while keeping clothes immersed in water;

• swinging, in which clothes are gently tossed side-to-side for a delicate hand-wash effect, and;

• stepping, in which clothes are lifted to the top of the drum and then dropped sharply to the bottom of the drum.

The laundry platform also incorporates an innovative square door design, new curves, intuitive controls using color and sound cues, and new designer colors including ginger and chili pepper. The line, which is rolling out now through December, features seven washers (and companion dryers) with retails ranging from $800 for a 3.6-cubic-foot drum with eight wash cycles, to a 4.5-cubic-foot capacity unit with 14 wash cycles and a $1,600 price point.