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Samsung Makes Shelf-Share Gains

Samsung reclaimed the No. 1 position in plasma and rear-projection TV shelf share in May, taking 19.9 percent and 28.36 percent, respectively, of category product placements at national retail chains, according to a report from market research firm Current Analysis.

Meanwhile, Sony held on to its top-ranked position in LCD TV, despite strong challenges from Sharp and Samsung in the period, Current Analysis said.

In plasma TV placements, Samsung’s shelf share increased 5 percent from the previous month’s standings to surpass April’s leader, Panasonic.

Panasonic’s share dropped back 5 percentage points, to 18 percent, good for the No. 2 spot.

At the same time Toshiba rose from eighth place to fifth in the shelf-share rankings this month, gaining a full 4 points, to reach 8.8 percent shelf share, the report said.

Also noteworthy in May, “HP carved out a significant 2.16 percent slice of the retail plasma TV shelf-share pie by introducing two flagship plasma TVs into Best Buy retail stores,” said Steve Kovsky, Current Analysis principal analyst for TV.

Average street pricing (ASP) for 50W-inch plasma TVs declined 4 percent to $3,546, in the last 30 days, while 42W-inch plasma TVs fell another 3 percent to $2,123.

In LCD TV, Sony, Sharp and Samsung all registered increases in shelf share in May. The vendors ranked first, second and third, consecutively, in product availability through U.S. retail distribution channels, according to Current Analysis.

“Magnavox, which had climbed to the No. 2 spot in April, fell back to No. 4 after leaving Wal-Mart stores this month,” said Kovsky. “The placement loss reduced the brand’s share from 12.76 percent in April, to 10.12 percent for the current period.”

Second-place Sharp benefited from the biggest swing in shelf share in May, rising 3.33 points, to 15.41 percent, Current Analysis reported. The company saw a net increase of seven SKUs during the month, including a new placement at Target.

“A total of 33 new LCD TVs, ranging from the 8-inch Audiovox FPE1080 — $249 at Circuit City — to the 40-inch Samsung LNS4092D, made their way into the retail channel in May,” said Kovsky.

Samsung jumped ahead of Sony to grab the top spot in rear-projection TV (RPTV) shelf share in May. Samsung’s share shot up a 11.06 percent, behind the launch of eight RPTV products into the channel, resulting in 19 new product placements.

“Samsung now stands well above Sony in RPTV presence, with a shelf share of 28.36 percent, compared to Sony’s at 24.94 percent,” Kovsky said.

Sony registered a net gain in RPTV placements for the month, adding 2.01 percent to its March tally of 22.93 percent.

Following Sony in RPTV shelf-share rank for May were, Panasonic, Hitachi and Mitsubishi.