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Q2 Vac Sales Up 4.4 Percent

In an upward revision of earlier tabulations, the Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers Association (VCMA) reported that industry sales of full-size household vacuum cleaners rose 4.4 percent to some 4.4 million units during the second quarter of this year.

For the first six months of 2002, industry sales were essentially flat, slipping 0.5 percent to 9.48 million units.

Factory sales of full-size household vacuum cleaners fell 6.2 percent during the first quarter of 2002 to 4.9 million units, the VCMA reported.

Central vacuum cleaner sales, which are not included in the figures, grew 9.4 percent over last year’s unit volume performance through the first six months.

VCMA, the household electric floor care industry trade group, had previously reported a 4 percent rise in vacuum cleaner sales.