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Pegasus To Ship Mobile PC NoteTaker In Nov.

Pegasus announced at RetailVision, held here earlier this month, that it will ship a portable version of its PC NoteTaker device.

The Mobile PC NoteTaker will ship in November with a $149 suggested retail price, said Pegasus president/CEO Mike Del Vecchio. It follows the September launch of the PC NoteTaker with a $79 suggested retail price.

The Mobile PC NoteTaker, like the original, uses infrared and RF technology to capture a person’s handwritten notes and drawings and then transfers them to a computer. The Mobile version differs by having enough internal memory to store about 50 pages of notes, which can then be downloaded when the device is attached to a PC or notebook via a USB cable. The original has no on-board memory and must be tethered to the computer when in use.

The NoteTakers clip onto any notepad, up to legal page size, and capture the users writing in JPEG format. The consumer must use a special pen that emits infrared and RF signals, but otherwise the product is used like any conventional pen and paper set.

Del Vecchio hopes that the products’ low price and user friendliness will make them big sellers this fall.