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PARA Vendors Detail Products

Vendors set up table-top displays during PARA’s recent conference to talk up new products and programs. Here’s what some of the suppliers highlighted:

Bryston: The Peterborough, Ontario, company showed the first powered subwoofer in its PMC series of speakers. The $2,500-suggested TLE features two 7-inch drivers and transmission-line design.

Dynaudio: The company plans end-of-May shipments of the first two Confidence-series speakers to use technology and designs from the flagship Evidence series to control directivity, minimizing ceiling- and floor-bounce reflections. The Bensenville, Ill., company plans to use the design elements in additional new Confidence models, which might be unveiled at the CEDIA Expo and would include a center channel, surround and powered tower. The two Confidence models are the C2 at $12,000 a pair and C4 at $16,000 a pair. The Evidence series runs from $30,000-$85,000 a pair.

Lutron: The company’s wireless-RF lighting systems got new capabilities. A car-visor package for the Radio Ra system includes two visor-mounted three-button RF transmitters, a 10-button keypad for the home, five RF-enabled dimmer switches, and a whole-house repeater system for a suggested $1,800. The home keypad integrates with security systems so that, if the security system is triggered, the lights flash and the company’s Sivoia-brand motorized shades move up and down. The shades can also be controlled by RF or IR.

Pinnacle: May shipments of the tiny $699-suggested SubSonic powered subwoofer are planned. The cabinet is a 7.88-inch cube, excluding grill, heat sink, and isolation feet. It packs two active 6.5-inch drivers and a 250-watt amp. The Plainview, N.Y., company calls is the “world’s smallest ‘real’ powered subwoofer.”

Five two-way satellites and a SubSonic retail for $1,699. The satellites are priced individually at $250 each.