Onkyo Adopting Rocketboost Wireless

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Onkyo will adopt Avnera-developed Rocketboost wireless-audio technology this year in AV receivers to deliver music wirelessly to a second audio zone, the company announced at International CES.

All Onkyo receivers introduced in 2011 will connect via the company’s proprietary U-port to an optional Rocketboost transceiver module to transmit audio to a remote Rocketboost receiver module, which will either be built into or plugged into planned Onkyo Zone 2 audio systems.

Onkyo’s first Zone 2 system will be a compact one-piece unit with networking capability, built-in speakers, iPod/iPhone dock and optional Rocketboost card. The system will be the first of a growing line of Rocketboost-enabled Onkyo products, the company said.

Product details and prices will be announced when the products ship in the spring.

Rocketboost delivers uncompressed 24-bit, 96-kHz digital audio, is easy to set up and use, and is fully compatible with Rocketboost products from other manufacturers, said marketing manager Paul Wasek.

The compatible products include products sold by Best Buy under the retailer’s Rocketfish private-label brand.

Both Best Buy and Onkyo USA’s Japan parent are investors in Avnera, which developed the technology.

Best Buy has applied the Rocketboost name to the technology when used in its private-label Rocketfish brand of wireless-audio products.

The chain has also been recruiting major CE suppliers to embed Avnera technology in their branded products and market the technology under the Rocketboost name.


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