October CE/Majap Dealer Sales Fall 5.6%

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Washington – October sales for CE and majap specialty retailers fell about 5.6 percent from a year ago, the U.S. Commerce Department reported.

According to the agency’s preliminary retail sales estimates, CE/majap channel sales totaled $8.2 billion last month, down 1 percent from September.

In contrast, total retail sales, excluding restaurants and car dealers, were up 3.8 percent year over year and down 0.3 percent from September, while online and other direct sellers saw sales rise 7.2 percent year over year and fall 1.8 percent from September.

The Commerce Department figures were adjusted for seasonal variation and for holiday and trading day differences, but not for price changes.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) attributed the hiccup in part to Hurricane Sandy, which cooled discretionary spending in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States as consumers diverted dollars to storm preparedness and cleanup in the final days of the month.


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