Nyko Shipping New Gaming Accessories

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NEW YORK — Gaming accessories supplier Nyko has begun shipping new additions to its PS3 and Wii lines.

The company’s new flagship controller for PS3, the wireless Raven, features multi-axis motion-support technology for full-motion games and those with biofeedback vibration capabilities.

It comes in two configurations — one identical to Sony’s OEM controller, and an alternate configuration that swaps the position of the left analog stick and directional pad. Both versions have a suggested retail of $34.99.

Nyko’s new Charge Base IC is the company’s first wireless induction charging dock for the Wii. It allows Wii remotes or third-party wands to be charged without having to remove jackets or attachments such as Wii Motion Plus. Magnets suspend each controller in its charging cradle, and the base features a powered USB port that can be used for charging other devices.

A two-remote SKU and a four-remote SKU are available. They ship with two and four magnetic battery covers and two and four rechargeable battery packs, respectively. They come in black or white. Suggested retails are $34.99 and $49.99, respectively.


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