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Notebook Vendors Drop Prices

Toshiba, IBM and Sony all reduced prices on select notebook computers this month, according reports from ARS La Jolla, Calif.

Toshiba has reduced the price of two Satellite models.

The 2100CDT, which features a K6-2400MHz processor, 64MB of RAM and a 12.1-inch LCD, was reduced by $100 to $1,599. This model was announced in mid-October and is its first price reduction.

The 4090XDVD, powered by an Intel Celeron 400MHz processor, with 64MB of RAM and a 14.1-inch LCD, was also dropped $100 to $2,099 for the Windows 98 version, while the WinNT version is now $2,199. Toshiba introduced these models in July.

IBM lowered the price of the ThinkPad i-Series 1460 and 1480 by $100. The 1460 has an Intel Celeron 433MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, 14.1-inch LCD and a DVD-ROM drive. It is now $2,099, while the 1480, which steps up to a Celeron 466, is $2,299.

Brian Phillips, notebook analyst for ARS, said, “These price drops keep IBM in line with recent promotions and price reductions on similar configurations from Toshiba and Compaq, and with HP’s new Pavilion N3190.”

Sony has lowered the price of the Vaio F360 by $200 to $2,499. The F360 features an Intel Pentium II 400MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, a 14.1-inch LCD and a DVD-ROM drive. The F360 remains eligible for a $100 mail-in rebate, giving it an effective after-rebate price of $2,399.