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NHT, DaVinci, Dynaudio, Madison Fielding Bringing Speakers To CEDIA Expo

Speaker suppliers are bringing something for everyone at this week’s CEDIA Expo with new products ranging from Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers to outdoor planter speakers and in-wall home theater speakers.

At the show, attendees will find the first Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers from NHT, a new planter speaker from Madison Fielding, and DaVinci Group in-wall home theater speakers with MDF cabinets to improve sound quality. Audiophile company Dynaudio will also launch an entry-level speaker series.

Here’s what dealers will find:

NHT: The company’s new Media series includes a slender three-way tower and a two-way satellite on-wall/tabletop speaker with built-in up-firing drivers to deliver the height channels of Dolby Atmos.

“By building the Dolby Atmos driver into the primary speaker, we can provide a more efficient and less room cluttered solution for the consumer,” said NHT GM and co-founder Chris Byrne.

The series also includes the Dolby Atmos Mini speaker module, whose up-firing driver adds height channels to an existing speaker system when two modules are placed on top of existing left-right speakers or on a media cabinet.

The series also includes a shallow-depth center channel, which can be wall-mounted or placed on a table, and a compact 300-watt 10-ich subwoofer.

The acoustic-suspension speakers are finished with seven coats of lacquer in gloss black or white.  The towers will sell for $1,400 per pair, the satellites at $550 per pair, and Atmos Mini at a targeted $100 each.

DaVinci Group: A series of updated in-ceiling speakers under the Vanguard Dynamics brand “represent a significant upgrade” over their predecessors, adding the company’s “edgeless design” with thin bezel and thin magnetically attached grille to deliver “a smooth, sleek, almost invisible design,” the company said.The drivers have also been upgraded.

The updated products are 6½-inch two-way models: the $179-suggested EDC-600, $219-suggested EDC-601, and $249 EDC-602. They will ship in the first quarter.

Madison Fielding: The company will bring its Piermont planter speaker, a three-way model made of teak wood and retailing from $5,795 to $6,495. The company will also unveil its first amplifiers designed for its outdoor PlanterSpeakers speakers.

The company specializes in building high-end speakers into planters for luxury homes, hotels and resorts.
 The Piermont’s exterior is made with teak wood sourced from a managed and re-forested Costa Rican teak farm, the company said. The three-way speaker features a 10-inch woofer, 4-inch midrange and 1-inch tweeter.

 It and other Madison Fielding speakers can be configured to produce sound at 180 or 90 degrees, and one enclosure can be made to produce stereo.

Details of the amps were unavailable.

Dynaudio:  The Danish speaker maker is replacing its entry-level DM series, priced at $650-$1,800 per pair, with the Emit series priced at $750 to $1,800 per pair. Emit, shipping November, is positioned as delivering higher performance than its predecessor. “The Emit series features quite advanced Dynaudio driver technologies and extremely high performance for the price, as well as attractive finishes, which truly makes it a great value,” a spokesman said.

The models consist of the $750/pair Emit M10 compact two-way bookshelf speaker with 14cm mid/woofer; the $950/pair Emit M20 compact bookshelf with 17cm mid/woofer; the $1,900/pair Emit M30 floorstanding speaker with two 7cm mid/woofers; and $700-each Emit M15 C  center-channel speaker with angled plinth. They’re available in satin black and satin white lacquer finish.