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New MP3 Player For CF Card Fans

A new San Jose, Calif., company called iPlayMP3 has released the Moveman, a portable MP3 player that, while aimed at the general consumer market, is geared a little more toward consumers who already own digital cameras or PDAs that make use of CompactFlash (CF) memory cards.

“We’ve been watching the development of this exploding MP3 market and found that consumers [want] to increase their MP3 experience without flash memory limitations in capacity,” said Greg Rayburn, VP of business development at iPlayMP3. “This is one of the reasons we chose to include CompactFlash in our design of the Moveman.” Another reason, Rayburn said, is more than 200 other products and an installed base of more than 10 million devices already use CF cards, which range in capacity from 4 MB to 320 MB, with higher capacities coming soon. A 320MB card can store about five hours of MP3 digital audio encoded at the popular bit-rate of 128 kbps.

The Moveman has an LCD display that allows users to view which track number is playing, the encoding rate at which a track is being played and individual meters for volume and battery levels. By holding down fast-forward and rewind buttons, users have true scanning of songs while in playback mode.

“The Moveman does not require any special encryption by the consumer,” Rayburn explained. “Many players available today require special software applications that either encrypt the MP3 file or create special folders [on the computer]. The Moveman is much easier. Simply transfer MP3 files to a CompactFlash card, insert [the card] into the Moveman, press play and experience digital music on the move.”

The device is powered by two AAA batteries. It measures 3.85 x 2.5 x 0.69 inches and weighs in at .47 ounces.

By itself, the Moveman has a list price of $99.95, but it is also available with a 56MB CF memory for $199.95 and an 80MB CF memory for $269.95.

Available accessories include the MP3rocket, a USB CF drive for Mac and PC desktops, wrap-around headphones, a CF IDE drive for PCs and rechargeable batteries.

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