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New GE Commercials Connect With Alexa Under Updated Tagline

GE has begun touting its smart appliances’ Alexa connection in a pair of new TV spots that began airing last Sunday during ABC’s “Billboard Music Awards” show.

The commercials, three in all, also introduced a new branding tagline of “Good things, for life,” designed to “bring the company’s legacy into the present in a meaningful, refreshing way,” the majap manufacturer said.

The tagline is a variation of the vendor’s old catchphrase “We bring good things to life” under its previous corporate parent. GE, the global conglomerate, sold its appliance unit to Qingdao Haier last year for $5.6 billion.

“We’ve been perceived as a trusted brand for decades, but we need to continue to stay relevant and top of mind with shoppers,” explained Rick Hasselbeck, chief marketing officer. “We believe people will connect with the refreshingly honest, real-life humor in the campaign, because, let’s face it, real life is funny.”

To that end, the executions include a mom trying to pick up a baby bottle with her elbows because her hands are covered in food, and a woman catching her husband using a salad fork as a backscratcher.

The commercials also depict owners controlling their appliances by voice commands and the Amazon Echo.

GE, which was one of the first manufacturers to collaborate with Amazon on its automated Dash replenishment system, began imbuing its connected appliances with the e-tailer’s Alexa AI platform last fall.

It more recently added integration with Google Assistant to its voice-controlled majaps.

“Even though these spots are humorous in nature, we wanted to reinforce our leadership position in the area of technology,” Hasselbeck said. “It’s on us to continue to make innovative products that stand the test of time and help people in their everyday lives.”

The campaign represents the first major national marketing initiative for Hasselbeck since joining GE from Covergirl last fall.

The new ads will air again tonight during the season finale of NBC’s “The Voice.”