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New Desktops, Notebooks Coming From IBM

IBM rolled out its back-to-school desktop and notebook computer line, including new Aptiva E models ranging in price from $799 to $1,899.

The notebook line up is comprised of three ThinkPad i Series models ranging in price from $1,699 to $2,699 with the two higher models featuring DVD-ROM drives. All the new models will hit retailers by the end of June.

The entry-level Aptiva 175, with an estimated street price of $799, is powered by an AMD K6-2 380 MHz processor and features 64MB of RAM, a 4GB hard drive, 40x CD-ROM drive, two USB ports, 56K V.90 modem and 512KB of L2 cache. IBM is also bundling a 15-inch monitor with this PC. The step up Aptiva 245 adds an AMD K6-2 450MHz processor, 8GB hard drive and 8MB of SDRAM video memory with an estimated street price of $899. The Aptiva 275, estimated street price $1,099, adds an AMD K6-2 475MHz processor, 10GB hard drive and an internal Iomega 100MB Zip drive.

The high-end Aptiva 545 and 585 switch over to Intel Pentium III 450MHz and 500MHz processors, respectively. The 545, with an estimated street price of $1,399, has 96MB of RAM, 13GB hard drive and a 4x CD-RW drive, while the 585 completes the new offering with 128MB of RAM, 17GB hard drive, a 6x DVD-ROM drive and a CD-RW drive. The 585’s estimated street price is $1,899.

IBM is also offering mail-in rebates. There is a $100 mail-in coupon on any Aptiva system purchased with an IBM monitor, up to $70 in rebates on select Lexmark printers with the purchase of select IBM systems and a $100 mail-in rebate on the new ThinkPad i Series.

The new ThinkPad line-up consists of the 1412, 1452 and 1472, which have estimated street prices, before rebate, of $1,799, $2,299 and $2,799. The lead notebook uses an Intel mobile Celeron 366MHz processor with 128KB L2 cache. Other features include a 12.1-inch TFT LCD, 32MB of SDRAM, 2.5MB of video DRAM, 4.8GB hard drive, 24x CD-ROM and 56K V.90 model. The 1452 features a larger 14.1-inch TFT LCD and a 2x DVD-ROM drive.

The 1472 differs from the other ThinkPads by featuring an Intel Pentium II 366MHz processor with 256KB of L2 cache.