PC Data: Apple iBook Best Seller for October

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Apple's winning streak continued with the iBook becoming the best-selling notebook computer in October, according to PC Data, Reston, Va.

The $1,599 iBook just managed to edge out long-time notebook competitors Compaq, Toshiba and IBM in its first month in the market. The iBook, which comes in tangerine and blueberry, was introduced at Macworld in July with the notebooks hitting stores in October. The iBook is Apple's first attempt to develop and market a notebook computer for the consumer market.

Apple retailers say demand is far outstripping supply.

"Sales have been tremendous and the only problem is keeping them in stock," said Tony Violanti, VP of sales for ComputerTown.

The iBook features battery life up to six hours, a 300MHz PowerPC G3 processor with a high-speed 512K backside L2 cache, and the optional new AirPort wireless Internet networking device. The iBook has 32MB of RAM, a 24x CD-ROM, USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet port and is made of the same composite material used in bulletproof vests.

PC Data reported that the blueberry model outsold the tangerine by a six-to-one margin. Blueberry is also the most popular color in the iMac desktop computer line.

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