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More Speakers More Functions

Speakers already come in a range of sizes and styles. Some as large as furniture and some small enough to fit in a hand held purse. The variety at retail for speakers continues to grow with a generous array of distinctions to satisfy a wide range of audio needs, and sometimes those differing needs are all in one space. For example, check out options for the backyard. Nothing adds to a barbeque or backyard soiree like music. You might have a speaker system hooked up to the deck or weather proof speakers surrounding the lawn or pool and perhaps, even a waterproof speaker floating in the pool. Three types of sounds in the same space depending on the mood and quality of sound required.

We are not only seeing this outside, multiple speakers are popping up in rooms, cars and offices all over, and some of them are doing double duty. In the past year we saw a surge in the home audio market. Connected and smart speakers have become a focal point for consumers in the category. According to a recent Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices (CHD) report, “Home Audio device shipments including Integrated HiFi Systems, AV Receivers, Docking Stations, Wireless Speakers and Soundbars will exceed 80 million units globally in 2015 from just over 70 million in 2014.” These 80 million units are all working hard to help us multitask.

Like many of the new speakers available, smart home sound devices are also proving versatile. For example we can look at new voice controlled towers that deliver sound and recognize commands related to other linked connect home devices such as lights and switches, while also searching the internet to help us find the local weather, make dinner reservations, and so much more. Additionally, fully functioning and high quality audio sources are being built directly into furniture, as we have seen this year into shelves and cabinets.

Whether you are listening for one and need a small personal sound system or you are preparing for the party of the year, there are speakers and devices for all of your needs. With the holidays around the corner retailers will be stocked and prepared for consumers’ growing lists of needs while shopping for speakers.

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