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Mitsubishi To Restart Plasma Factory

KYOTO, JAPAN – Mitsubishi is preparing to restart a plasma display panel (PDP) factory here, after halting PDP production more than three years ago, according to reports out of Japan.

Mitsubishi was said to be planning to deliver a 42W-inch PDP to the Japanese marketing in July for around $6,900.

Earlier, Mitsubishi announced plans to market in the United States a 50W-inch PDP (HD-5010, shipping this fall at $18,000 suggested retail) obtained from another manufacturing source.

Reports said the factory will have an initial production capacity of 1,000 panels per month. The company was among the first to show plasma panels for the home theater market in 1995, and had showed and marketed on a limited basis panels in the 40-, 20- and 46W-inch screen sizes.

Citing premature market timing, the company decided to cease PDP production at the plant.