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Middle Atlantic Rack Mounts Provide Component Installation Solution

Home-owners are offered an aesthetic solution for installing audio and video components in equipment racks with the RSH series custom rack mounts from Middle Atlantic Products. Each RSH is custom cut to provide a “perfect” opening for the face of most components and provides a “neatly trimmed installation with no gaps,” the company said.

An RHS series custom rack mount affords homeowners the ability to facilitate future expansion and the upgrade of a home electronics system. The replacement of a new custom rack shelf for an upgraded tuner, for example, is far easier than reconfiguring an entire wall opening to accommodate the new component, said the company.

Each RSH unit includes rear brackets to prevent the mounted component from sliding back, a ventilated bottom to promote cooling, and can be ordered in a variety of finishes. Individual fascias and LCD rack mounts for monitors with up to a 17-inch screen also are available. Virtually any component can be installed in a standard 19-inch enclosure without making any modifications, said Middle Atlantic.

Suggested retail range is $140 to $187.