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JVC Making PC Connection In Receivers

New seven-channel receivers from JVC include the company’s first with wired and wireless connections to a PC and the company’s first with HD-upscaling HDMI output.

All feature digital amplification to minimize chassis size and Dolby Pro Logic IIx, which up-converts two- and multichannel audio up to seven channels.

The 7×100-watt RXD201 and RXD202B feature wired USB input for an in-room PC connection, 3D Phonic to deliver virtual surround through two speakers, virtual surround back channels to create two phantom back-center channels, and center-channel alignment, which uses DSP to position dialog on the display screen.

The step-up RXD301 and 302B add 7×110-watt amp and, to complement the wired USB port, a built-in wireless non-802.11 2.4GHz receiver to stream audio from a PC. A wireless transmitter, which plugs into a PC’s USB input, is included with the receiver.

The top RXD701 and 702B add HDMI input/output, aluminum front panel, and 7×150-watt amp. Additional details were unavailable.