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JVC’s Nearphones Won’t Isolate Users

JVC's new Nearphones are designed to deliver quality audio and voice performance without isolating the user from the outside world

Man enjoying Nearphones on a bicycleJVC has announced an innovative true wireless earphone that allows users to comfortably enjoy high quality audio and voice performance without isolating the user from the world around them.
The new JVC HA-NP35T Nearphones are designed for those who spend a large part of their day wearing headphones, but don’t want to be closed off from their surroundings.
The Nearphones feature a new structure that doesn’t block the ear canal, and provides a comfortable and secure fit, even when worn for long periods, or during light exercise. They’re especially well-suited for enjoying background music, podcasts, and audiobooks anytime.

The Nearphones are engineered to deliver a rich sound when listening to music, especially compared to bone conduction headphones, thanks to the uniquely shaped bass port and 16mm drivers. Dual microphones built into each earpiece and active noise reduction ensure clear voice transmission. What’s more, the speaker apertures are specially designed and aligned to minimize sound leakage.

“We designed our Nearphones for the many people who now wear headphones for much of the day, even while working,” said Corey Hartmann, marketing manager, JVCKenwood USA Corporation. “They want to enjoy music, and need top-quality voice transmission for calls and online meetings. Yet, they also need to remain aware of what’s going on around them. People can enjoy music to relax or be more productive while remaining connected to the outside world. And, of course, there are many people who don’t like the pressure of an earpiece inside their ears.”

Other HA-NP35T features are an IPX4 rating, meaning it’s sweat, splash, and rain proof; mic mute; seven hours of listening time from a single charge, or 17 hours total listening time with the charging case; and the option for single ear use on either side.
The new JVC HA-NP35T Nearphones, which come in black, are available now for $79.95.

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