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Jensen Completes 2014 Head-Unit Rollout

Hauppauge, N.Y. – Voxx’s Jensen brand rolled out seven in-dash head units priced at a suggested $229 to $399, joining an existing 2014-series model priced at $449.

The new models, all with touchscreens, add faster processors, sharper screens and a new UI compared with their predecessors. The new models also include the brand’s first mechless digital media receiver (DMR).

The seven include two in-dash multimedia/navigation heads. All models feature either 7-inch or 6.2-inch touchscreens, some in double-DIN configuration and others in single-DIN configuration with motorized slide-out screens. All feature FM RDS, Made for iPod/iPhone USB ports, and 4×40-watt peak amplification. All but two feature control of Pandora over a USB-connected iPhone, and all provide Bluetooth AVRCP control of multiple streaming apps on iPhones, Android phones and BlackBerry phones.

The controllable apps include Pandora, SiriusXM Internet Radio, iHeartRadio, Aha Radio, Spotify, Slacker and TuneIn.

The two navigation systems, bother priced at $399, are the single-DIN VX7010 with slide-out 7-inch TFT touchscreen and the double-DIN VX7020 with fixed 6.2-inch TFT touchscreen. They feature iGo Primo navigation software and ability to download maps of other countries, POIs, and other information. Both control an optional outboard satellite-radio tuner.

The two also feature front full-size USB with 1-amp charging; SD card slots; front 3.5mm audio/video input; rear audio/video inputs; rear-camera inputs; system expandability with front, rear and subwoofer 6-volt line outs; and 16-key-learning steering-wheel-control interface. They also feature RGB front-panel LED lighting for thousands of colors, and the ability to upload 12 user wallpapers.

At a suggested $279, the single-DIN VX4010 multimedia DVD/CD receiver and double-DIN VX4020 offer almost all of the same features as the navigation receivers except for navigation, and the front, rear and subwoofer line outs are 4 volts. The single-DIN model features 7-inch slide-out TFT touchscreen, and the double-DIN model features fixed 6.2-inch touchscreen.

At $229, Jensen is shipping the single-DIN VX3010 with 7-inch slideout TFT touchscreen and double-DIN VX3020 with fixed 6.2-inch TFT touchscreen. They feature Made for iPod/iPhone USB, 1-amp USB charging, Bluetooth control of streaming apps, front 3.5mm audio/video input, 2-volt front/rear and subwoofer 2-volt lineouts, 12-key learning steering-wheel-control interface and rear-view camera input. Both models lack rear-panel A/V input and Pandora control via USB-connected iPhone.

The $279 double-DIN DMX5020 mechless DMR lacks CD/DVD player but features fixed 6.2-inch TFT touchscreen, front full-size USB port with 1-amp charging, SD slots, made for iPod/iPhone USB, control of Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone, and Bluetooth AVRCP control of the same music-streaming apps that can be controlled from the 7000- and 4000-series models. Like those models, the mechless unit features rear-view camera input, front 3.5mm audio/video input, rear audio/video input and 16-key learning steering-wheel interface. It also features 4-volt front, rear and subwoofer lineouts.