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Iomega Adds Clik! PC Card Drive To Lineup

Iomega, in an effort to find new markets for the company’s Clik! memory storage disk, rolled out the Clik! PC Card Drive that allows the disks to be used with notebook computers.

The drive is designed to fit into a notebook computer’s PC card slot giving the notebook 40MB of extra storage space. The drive will begin shipping in the third quarter with an estimated street price of $199. Clik! disks are already available with a street price of $9.99 for a 10-pack.

Jodie Glore, CEO of Iomega said, “We believe that our new Clik! PC Card drive has the potential to do for notebook users what our Zip drive did for the desktop.”

Because the drive is interchangeable with most notebook models, consumers can easily share data, the company said.

The drive is bundled with Iomega’s Quick Sync and Copy Machine software. The former allows users to automatically save files to the Clik! disk while the latter application allows a disk to be copied using just a single Clik! drive.

Originally developed as a storage medium for digital cameras and handheld computers, the 40MB Clik! drive has a 600KB per second data transfer rate.