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Integra Adds To Its A/V Focus

Integra stepped up its commitment to multi-room audio, HDTV-compatibility and HD up-scaling DVD players with four new products due in October.

The brand also launched its first HD Radio tuner.

In multi-room audio, Integra unveiled its first multi-zone amp/preamp as part of a phase out of A-BUS ready receivers, which rely on optional in-wall keypads with built-in low-power amplifiers to remotely control receiver-connected sources and drive architectural speakers in remote rooms.

Only one A-BUS-ready stereo receiver remains in the Integra lineup.

The MZA-4.7 multi-zone amp/preamp at a suggested $1,500 is an eight-source, four-zone model that can be daisy-chained to create a 32-zone multi-room audio/video system. It can also be integrated into whole-house home-control systems. The amplifier section is rated at 8×50 watts into 8 ohms and is 4-ohm stable. Each zone features its own bass, treble, balance and loudness controls.

To control the 4.7 from other rooms, Integra introduced two in-wall keypads at a suggested $150 and $250, respectively. The brand is also developing an in-wall touch panel that might in the spring.

Also for custom installers, the brand launched the $1,200-suggested DTR-7.7 A/V receiver with two-zone capability and an array of custom-oriented connectivity options such as RS-232 port, IR input and output jacks, and three assignable 12-volt trigger outputs. It’s the brand’s least expensive A/V receiver with HDMI inputs and outputs, joining a model that starts at $4,400 depending on modular options. It is also Integra’s first A/V receiver with HDMI connectivity compatible with all HD formats including 1,080p. It also up-converts video source to HDMI but doesn’t upscale video to HD.

The XM-ready, 7.1-channel DTR-7.7 powers a 7.1-channel home theater system but also simultaneously powers a remote stereo zone and a 5.1-channel home theater. Alternately, it will power a 7.1-channel home theater and deliver line-level stereo signal to a remote-zone stereo amp.

In DVD, Integra launched the DPS-6.7 single-disc DVD-Audio/Video and SACD player with 1,080i/720p up-scaling HDMI output and the DPS-7.7 six-disc DVD-Video changer with 1,080i/720p up-scaling. They’re priced at a suggested $500 and $400, respectively, and join the $2,500 DPS-10.5, a DVD-Audio/Video and SACD player with HDMI and 1,080i/720p up-scaling.

Both DVDs feature custom-install connectivity.

The brand’s first HD Radio device is a $300-suggested tuner card that supports analog-FM RDS and is XM-ready. It or a $100 analog-AM/FM tuner card slips into the $250 TUN-3.7 tuner. For custom-installed multi-room audio systems, up to three tuners can be stacked; each controlled separately via separate IR code sets. The tuners ship in October.

The radio modules also fit into Integra’s modular DTR-10.5 A/V receiver, which starts at $3,800 depending on modular options, and with the Integra Research RDC-7 preamp processor.

The modules also fit into a sister brand product: Onkyo’s flagship modular TX-NR1000 A/V receiver, which retails up to $4,999.