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Hisense Looks To Bring Artificial Intelligence To TVs

Advanced object recognition can bring voice-driven real-time search

Hisense has partnered with artificial-intelligence component provider Yi+AI to develop AI-driven TVs that will allow for sophisticated voice control searching and next-generation shopping capabilities for consumers, a boon for shoppers and advertisers.

The VIDAA-AI system uses real-time scene- and video-recognition technologies to deliver sophisticated content identification for “real-time video search,” according to Hisense. The new tech is said to be faster than all other voice-interactive responses and could simultaneously support the visual recognition of multiple types of first-hand information, such as news, photography and shopping information.

Via Yi+AI’s video recognition system, real-time content identification is achieved in milliseconds, meaning information that is of relevance to the current content shown on the screen could be relayed to audiences rapidly via direct streaming.

Object-tracking and enhanced AR effects are also made possible, which can together increase a brand’s conversion rate in marketing and advertising, while simultaneously providing interactive entertainment for the masses.

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For example, when a user sees a favorite celebrity in a TV show, the AI assistant will be prompted to display relevant information regarding the celebrity’s latest news, his/her product endorsements and recent works via a remote button or through a voice command, such as “jump to the frame that shows Scarlett Johansson.” Similarly, when the user sees a character in a preferred outfit, the AI Assistant will automatically identify and rollout purchase information for the user to consider.

Another example: Users watching a travel program will be pushed Information regarding air ticket prices, availability of hotels and dining recommendations, all displayed on a supporting side screen. The presentation of this information could also be enhanced through AR gifs and effects. In this way, advertising resources are put to use more effectively while consumers enjoy an interactive viewing experience.

Ultimately, the “smart eye” of the Yi+’s AI Assistant strives to understand and process a user’s needs by eliminating a physical search on the Internet. It also aims to conserve the time and effort of advertisers while helping them to improve conversion rate without disrupting the user’s watching experience.