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DVD Forum Reports No HD Disc Decision

The DVD Forum denied a published report that it had approved a Toshiba/NEC HD DVD blue laser disc format, saying it continues to study blue laser optical disc proposals based on both 0.6mm and 0.1mm technologies, but has not yet made a decision.

The Forum said it has formed two subgroups of its Working Group 11 “to study and promote the best technical approach” based on the 0.6mm and 0.1mm technologies, respectively, for blue laser optical disc applications.

One subcommittee was said to be working the Blu-ray disc founders (including Sony) in “reaching an agreement to work together on a common format.”

According the DVD Forum announcement, “the first of the two subgroups was formed in June, and is now studying 0.6mm technology. To date, no 0.1mm technology has been proposed to the DVD Forum.”

“The DVD Forum has so far made no decision to adopt or reject any proposed format (either 0.1mm or 0.6mm) for blue laser optical disc applications,” the Forum announced.