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DVD Format To Get Booster Shot From Blockbuster Movies

Giving another shot in the arm to the successful DVD format is a string of blockbuster film releases in the format, timed for this week’s Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) convention.

Topping a long list of DVD release news were the following major studios’ announcements:

  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment will release its family blockbuster Toy Story 2 on DVD day and date with VHS on October 17. The specially priced DVD double pack will carry a $39.99 suggested retail price and will feature both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 movies, plus bonus materials including outtakes and an animated short called Luxo Jr. from Pixar, which produced both animated hits.
  • Dreamworks will announce the release of its Academy Award-winning American Beauty on DVD day and date with the VHS version on October 24. The box-office powerhouse, which earned $325 million in worldwide sales, will carry a $26.99 suggested retail for DVD, $24.99 for VHS.
  • Both special editions include commentary by Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes and Oscar-winning director of cinematography Conrad L. Hall.
  • Universal recently announced the availability of Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Erin Brockovich on DVD. The two Jurassic Park titles will be available October 10 as collectors’ editions for $26.98 each. A special limited-edition gift set including both titles, both CD soundtracks, and a certificate of authenticity will carry a $119.98 suggested retail.
  • Erin Brockovich will ship August 15 and will carry a $26.98 suggested retail price for DVD, $22.98 for VHS.
  • Warner Home Video will release six titles in July: the newly DVD-ROM enhanced Space Jam (July 25), My Dog Skip (July 11), The Whole Nine Yards (July 18), The Big Tease (July 18), The Crush (July 18) and Diabolique (July 18).

Greg Tarr