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Drake To Sing Hotline Bling In T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

He’s not Kim Kardashian or Tim Tebow, but rap/hip-hop singer Drake will sing in one of T-Mobile’s two Super Bowl ads.

Drake’s commercial will mock wireless carriers in “a humorous look at the way the carriers ruin everything with their restrictive plans and outlandish rules designed to milk every dime of overages and fees out of their customers,” T-Mobile said. The carrier promises the ad “will be a social media event.” In the ad, Drake sings, “You used to call me on your cellphone,” but he’s interrupted in the recording studio by suits who ask him to make changes to the lyrics, such as adding “device eligible for upgrade after 24 months.”

Kardashian appeared in last year’s Super Bowl ad, and Tebow appeared in the carrier’s 2014 ad. The new ad appears here on YouTube: