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Dish Targets DirecTV Subscribers In Promotion

Englewood, Colo. – Satellite-TV provider Dish launched a “Dish Challenge” promotion in which it is guaranteeing DirecTV subscribers who switch a savings of $250 in their first year, or Dish will give them $250.

The company is promoting the deal, available through April 8, with a series of videos on the company’s website, YouTube channel and Twitter and Facebook pages. The videos challenge DirecTV customers to ask themselves “Why pay more?” for the same programming and service they get with DirecTV, and the videos highlight how far people will go for $250, such as getting a reverse Mohawk haircut or licking a cockroach.

On average, DirecTV customers spend approximately $250 more than Dish customers, the company said.

People who switch can receive America’s Top 250 package, which includes more than 250 channels, for $39.99 per month for 12 months

Here’s how consumers would get their $250 savings:

Customers visit to get a price comparison, and then chat live with a representative to see if they qualify for the promotion. Consumers can also call (800) CALL-DISH (800-2255-3474) and ask to take the challenge.

If the customer qualifies, Dish will work with the customer to determine the best package for his home and interests.

If Dish is unable to save the new customer $250 in the first year, the customer submits his last DirecTV bill for online verification.

The challenge also requires a 24-month commitment to auto payment and paperless billing, as well as a credit qualification.

The offer will not be available in Puerto Rico or USVI.

If the customer’s first year savings are determined to be less than $250 after switching to Dish, the customer will be eligible for a $250 prepaid card after new service activation.

Savings calculations are based on an annualized comparison of the customer’s last monthly DirecTV bill and the first Dish bill for comparable services and equipment, as determined by Dish.