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Digital Media Players: DarbeeVision DVP-5100CIE

The DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition is a rack-mountable video processor that improves the sense of depth and clarity of digital images using DarbeeVision’s patented Visual Presence technology. The effect of this powerful human-vision- based model has received rave reviews from even the most hard-core video purists, and is so significant that people use words like immersive, deep, 3D, pop, detailed, sharp, revealing — always preceded by the word more. The DVP-5100CIE Custom Installer Edition adds unequaled depth and clarity to any digital image. No other technology provides the ultra-immersive visuals that result from using Darbee’s brain-based algorithms even for 2160p content. Although 4K pictures can be stunning, they are still flat, and Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) fixes that. DVP goes Beyond Fidelity by preconditioning any HD image before up-scaling to UHD/4K displays to provide a superior viewing experience with added depth and realism. It is easy to install, set up and use. Place it on the rack and connect it to any HDMI source and display; no calibration is required. Simple controls provide three viewing modes that give viewers a lot of flexibility to choose the effect level that looks best for their particular set-ups and viewing preferences.