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Hisense: 2019 Will Be Our Year

Bringing new ULED TVs

Hisense will continue to storm the TV market in 2019, building on the momentum it gathered last year, the company said at its CES press conference on Sunday.

In addition to launching new H8F and U9F ULED models and a 120-inch Laser TV, it will continue to further its reach within the content industry as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Noted Franjo Bobinac, Marketing VP of Hisense International: “The future of the TV business will not be about the best picture or the fastest processor … but who brings the best content to those beautiful screens on your living room wall.”

As part of this, Hisense will continue to grow its industry partnerships, it said, including bringing a ULED model with the Roku OS to market.

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