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CES 2016: Polar Team Pro Enhances Elite Level Coaching

Polar is spotlighting Polar Team Pro at CES 2016, its most advanced team sports coaching solution to date. Polar Team Pro is designed for the demanding needs of fitness, strength and conditioning coaches working in top-tier team sports.

The Polar Team Pro hardware consists of sensors for all players and a dock enabling quick data transfer and charging. The sensor weighs only 38 grams, and players do not need to wear any additional vests or belts. The sensor combines GPS and motion tracking technology with heart rate, thus providing extensive and accurate performance data, said Polar. It also measures speed, distance and acceleration for running-based sports indoors. Live data is captured onto the coach’s iPad (from a 200-meter range) without external base stations via Bluetooth Smart.

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The latest wearable from Polar goes beyond daily activity tracking to also provide personalized training guidance and motivation to help users meet their fitness goals, said the company. The A360 fitness band offers the company’s Smart Coaching features, such as Activity Guide and Activity Benefit, which provide practical daily activity target suggestions and explain how activities affect the user’s health.

The Polar Team Pro app for iPad provides objective data and analysis on key performance indicators. The coach receives instant analysis with detailed player statistics and data over the session as well as player comparisons. This information can help teams and coaches optimize training and recovery patterns, hit their targets and prevent injuries, said Polar, while the Team Pro web service enables deeper analysis of the team’s performance and long-term progress.

To gain an absolute understanding of the players’ 24/7 activity outside of training, team members can also connect their Polar wearables such as the V800, M400, A300 and Loop with the Polar Team Pro web service. This provides coaches with further information on players’ daily activity, recovery status and sleep.

Polar Team Pro is now available. Packages include an annual license to access the Polar Team Pro app for iPad and web service and Polar Team Pro hardware including the Team Pro dock, 10 sensors, 10 chest straps, a washing pouch and a sensor folder. Additional hardware can be purchased separately. Pricing is available at the Polar booth.