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CEA: PC Audio Potential Untapped

Seventy-two percent of online adults are using their home PC to listen to audio content, and 77 percent of them are listening to music on their PC for nine hours per week on average, but there’s still plenty of potential for offering these consumers an upgraded audio experience, according to an April 2007 Consumer Electronics Association survey.

More than one-third of home PC audio listeners cite a need for better sound quality, the CEA found. In fact, 47 percent of home PC audio users would choose quality over quantity when asked to choose between a large number of music files and a quality audio experience.

One key strategy for improving the audio experience would be to connect a PC to a home hi-fi system, CEA said, but only 9 percent of PC audio users currently do that, CEA found.

Physical media remains the primary source of audio content among home PC audio users, but the Internet and digital files also represent significant sources of content, CEA said. “The PC has claimed its place as a hub of audio content procurement and playback in the home,” said Steve Koenig, CEA’s industry analysis senior manager. “The next step is to allow consumers to see the benefits of connecting their PC to their existing home audio system for a more enjoyable home audio experience.”