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Buffalo Technology Extends Wi-Fi Coverage Range

Buffalo Technology will start shipping several new networking products designed for home network owners experiencing dead spots in Wi-Fi coverage.

The High Power line consists of a PC card, Ethernet to wireless converter/router and several new antennas. The system offers Turbo G level data throughput, 108MBps and a 50-milliwatt transmitter capable of extending a network through almost any home, said Morikazu Sano, Buffalo’s global marketing senior VP. The new transmitter is about twice as powerful as what is normally found on a notebook, Sano said, adding that in many cases simply disabling the integrated 802.11b/g card and replacing it with the Buffalo card could solve most home networking issues.

The High Power technology is being positioned as a less expensive alternative to Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) solutions that are also intended to fill in network dead areas.

If there are still dead spots then the user can add a small antenna to the PC card to extend the range. The router also comes with an extended range antenna.

The PC card and router are expected to hit stores this week with respective suggested retail prices of $79 and $59. The company’s three new optional antennas will ship at the same time with $29 suggested retail price. These offer directional and omni-directional capability.

Brian Verenkoff, Buffalo Technology’s product manager, also reported that the company has signed with Best Buy, which will carry the company’s LinkStation network attached storage product. While Buffalo has sold through regional chains such as Fry’s Electronics and J&R Computer World, the deal with Best Buy is the first time the vendor has been placed in the a national chain.

Sano believes that the exposure of being sold in over 680 Best Buy locations will boost Buffalo past Maxtor into the leadership position in retail NAS.