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Bowers & Wilkins Expands Custom Speaker Selection

North Reading, Mass. – Bowers & Wilkins expanded its assortment of architectural speakers with the launch of three new models, all designed for home cinema applications.

The cinema speakers are the round $700-each CCM Cinema 7 in-ceiling speaker and the rectangular $850-each CWM Cinema 7 in-wall speaker. Both can be used as a left, center or right speaker. They ship in August and September, respectively.

The third speaker is the full-range $250-each CCM632, sold in stereo pairs and available with round and square grille/bezel assemblies that attach magnetically. They ship in August.

Specifications were unavailable.

The CCM Cinema 7 is a down-firing, in-ceiling two-way LCR speaker with 180mm (7-inch) bass/midrange Kevlar cone woofer and a 25mm (1-inch) Nautilus aluminum dome tweeter. Both drivers are angled to direct sound towards listeners so dialog is clear and special effects are accurate, the company said. It is supplied with a round grille that can be replaced with a square grille.

Likewise, the CWM Cinema 7 in-wall speaker can be used as a left, center or right speaker and can be mounted beside, above or below the screen.

Both Cinema 7 speakers feature ultra-narrow bezels and magnetically attached metal grilles. Both also come with QuickDogs spring clamps that rotate and clip into place, enabling installers to fit the speaker frames securely with one hand without tools, the company said. They also work with almost any thickness of wall board.

The third speaker, the CCM632, is a round 75mm (3-inch) full-range driver with integral enclosure. It is sold in stereo pairs and can be used for distributed-music applications or cinema use, most likely as surround speakers. It eliminates a tweeter positioned in front of a bass/midrange driver because of the sound discoloration that such a tweeter would create from a small-driver speaker, the company said.

The CCM632 comes with both round and square grille/bezel assemblies that attach magnetically. It’s the company’s first speaker with ZipDogs mounting bracketry, which is similar to QuickDogs but fastened from the front with three cable ties. The configuration lets installers install the speaker without putting their hands through the mounting hole, simplifying the installation of a speaker with integral enclosure, the company said.