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Boston Acoustics Expands Radio Selection

Boston Acoustics is reentering the multimedia-speaker market and expanding its table-radio selection here at International CES.

The four-SKU Horizon series of table radios is due in March with molded-cabinet chassis and interchangeable color grilles in keeping with the brand’s recently launched Horizon series of in-room speakers, which also feature curved-back baffles. The radios include the brand’s first radios with embedded and optional iPod cradles.

Also at the show, the company is privately showing its new Vista speakers, which are a step up from the Horizon series. Horizon ranges in price from $99.99 each for bookshelf models to $799.99 for a 5.1-channel speaker package. The Vista series, in contrast, will range in pricing from $299 to $1,499 each, said senior sales and marketing VP Phil Cohn. They’ll also feature interchangeable grilles, and some models will also feature interchangeable wood accents, he said.

The new radio line starts with the $99 Horizon Solo, an AM/FM mono radio that can be placed horizontally or vertically on a flat surface. Like the other new models, it features a rubber snooze ring around the perimeter of the entire grille. Touching any spot on the snooze ring puts the radio’s alarm in snooze mode.

The step-up $149 Duo features stereo speakers, dual alarms and an optional $50 iPod cradle. It sits horizontally on a table or shelf.

The $199 Horizon Duo i features embedded iPod dock, and the Horizon Trio adds slot-load MP3-CD player with optional iPod dock.

All radios feature auxiliary input but lack HD Radio or ability to control an outboard satellite-radio tuner/antenna combination. As with the Horizon speakers, grilles are available in eight colors, and the cabinets are available in midnight (charcoal) or mist (off-white).

In multimedia PC speakers, the company is incorporating technologies from Philips’s Premium Sound Solutions company, which parent D&M Holdings purchased in 2007. They also feature molded cabinets and interchangeable grilles in the Horizon colors. They’re due in March at targeted suggested retails of $99-$129 for the 2.0 system and $169-$199 for the 2.1 system with subwoofer.