Bose Bringing New Technology Combos To Headphones

2 of 4 new models combine Bluetooth, noise cancellation; sports model gets heart monitor
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Bose’s $349 Quite Comfort 35 around-ear headphones with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation.

Four new headphones unveiled by Bose include the company’s first two Bluetooth-equipped noise-cancelling headphones and its first two sports-type Bluetooth headphones, which lack noise cancellation.

Of the two noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones, the $299 in-ear Quiet Control 30 is the company’s first noise-cancelling headphone with user-adjustable noise-cancellation levels. It’s due in September.

The other noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone is the $349 around-ear Quiet Comfort 35, which became available June 5 with volume-optimized equalization to deliver balanced sound at high and low volume levels.

Of the two sports-style Bluetooth headphones, the $199 Sound Sport Pulse is the company’s first headphone pair with a health-related sensor. The heart-rate sensor embedded in the left ear bud sends heart-rate data via Bluetooth to smartphone health apps. The Pulse is due in September.

The other SoundSport headphone is the $149 Sound Sport, which features volume-dependent equalization. It became available June 5.

Both Sound Sport models are sweat- and water-resistant, and both feature umbrella-shaped soft-silicone earbuds with wings to secure the earbuds snugly in ears without sacrificing comfort, the company said.

Among the noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones, the Quiet Comfort 35 delivers 20-hour battery life when Bluetooth and noise cancellation are engaged. Battery life shoots up to 40 hours when a cable connects the headphones to a smartphone.

All four headphones feature NFC for one-tap pairing.


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