B&O Plans Compact Sub For Wall Hanging


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILL. — A 200-watt teardrop-shaped subwoofer appearing in Bang & Olufsen-branded stores by May is suitable for shelftop placement or hanging on a wall like a hanging planter because of its compact size and reduced-vibration design, the company said.

At 9.3 inches by 12.1 inches by 8.9 inches, the 16.1-pound BeoLab 11 is the company’s smallest subwoofer. Its removable shells can be popped off and swapped with shells in any one of seven different finishes. With a white or black finish, the BeoLab 11 will retail for $1,997. With silver anodized- aluminum finish, it will cost $2,211, and $2,432 is the price for a version with gold anodized-aluminum finish. Other color options include dark gray, red and blue.

Its size, styling and color options make it easy for design-conscious consumers to integrate into their homes, the company said.

To cancel out vibrations, the subwoofer features two separate sealed enclosures whose baffl es face each other. Each baffle is home to a 6.5- inch woofer.

The driver complement is powered by a 200-watt proprietary ICEpower Class-D amp technology to deliver bass down to 30Hz. The sub features touchpanel controls to select crossover points and turn the amp on and off.

Because of its shape and driver confi guration, the sub can be rotated into any position without altering system performance, even when mounted to an optional wall-hanging bracket, the company said.

Wall mounting offers the potential to hide cables and free up floor space, said product manager Michael Jensen.


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