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B-Stock Announces Series Of Key Partnerships

B-Stock Solutions has announced a series of strategic partnerships designed to help ensure that the highest quality secondhand devices are made available to its customers and ultimately to the end-consumer. These partnerships come at a time where the popularity of secondhand electronic devices is steadily growing around the globe.

B-Stock is the world’s largest B2B recommerce marketplace. Billions of returned and overstock items are resold every year on B-Stock, and the world’s leading brands and retailers trust B-Stock in their recommerce operations, resulting in superior financial outcomes, material gains in velocity and efficiency, and furthering the industry’s sustainability efforts.

B-Stock has recently partnered with Blackbelt DefenceFutureDialThe Item Compatibility Engine (ICE), NSYSPhoenix InnovationsPhonecheck, and Securaze. These partners are industry leaders in triage and data clearing services for consumer electronics, computing, and mobile devices.

This is just another way that B-Stock provides value to our customers. By bringing partners like these to the table, B-Stock users have an advantage in the marketplace and increase their access to product,” said B-Stock CEO Marcus Shen.

By teaming up with these experts, B-Stock provides buyers and sellers access to improved inventory processing capabilities through best-in-class solutions, competitive rates, and streamlined onboarding. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Certified erasure and diagnostics solutions for phones, tablets, and computers.

  • Cutting-edge robotics hardware and services to assist and automate processing functions.

  • Device intelligence and tracking solutions.