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Ayla, Ever Win Team To Produce Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Internet of Things platform provider Ayla Networks is teaming up with OEM CE manufacturer Ever Win International to develop Wi-Fi-equipped smart plugs that will be unveiled at International CES.

The products, targeted to CE suppliers to offer their own-brand models, will connect to the Internet through Ayla’s Cloud Services to let consumers remotely dim lights, and to manage security cameras or other products from a smart phone. The initial products will enable basic on/off control of appliances, lights, lamps and the like via a timer, schedule or direct control from a smartphone. Features as lamp dimming capability are on the product roadmap, a spokesperson told TWICE.

 The Wi-Fi plug would plug into an electrical outlet, and products such as a lamp would plug into the Wi-Fi plug.

The companies contended their smart plug will be “relatively smaller than other smart plugs on the market and sold at a more affordable price point.”

Ever Win plans to develop a broader array of connected-home products with Ayla Networks to offer to brand-name CE suppliers, added Tri Le, senior director of business development for Ever Win. “The smart plug is just the beginning.

By leveraging Ayla’s Cloud services and technology, Ever Win will be able to provide established manufacturers and startups “everything needed to create and securely support Internet-enabled products for commercial, industrial, and consumer users,” the companies said. As a result, branded manufacturers will be able to “substantially reduce product development costs, increase security and accelerate time-to-market by several months,” they said.

Ever Win said it chose Ayla because the company already works with “a wide range of manufacturers,” has a global footprint, and has “dedicated resources for integrating and maintaining data privacy and security, scalability, ongoing maintenance and support, and technology upgrades.

Ayla’s investors include Cisco, the International Finance Corporation, SAIF Partners, Crosslink Capital, Voyager Capital, Linear Venture and SJF Ventures.

Ever Win, established in 1981, is a vertically integrated solutions provider of accessories to the mobile communications and CE industries. It operates engineering labs in the U.S. and Asia and recently opened an ISO14001:2004 certified manufacturing facility in China to control design, manufacturing and quality assurance, the company said.