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Audiovox Bows Vehicle Security

ORLANDO — Audiovox has begun
shipping its redesigned Pursuit series
of vehicle security and remote-start systems
and an Advent-brand Bluetooth
hands-free kit designed with a Toyota
OEM look, the company announced
here at the NADA (National Automobile
Dealer Association) show.

The company also unveiled a PROPLM
security system that lets highvolume
car dealers preload vehicles
with alarms while providing greater
on-the-lot protection than other security

In the new 11-SKU Pursuit series,
the company developed a family look
to the entire line as well as a new
transmitter design that’s more OEMlike.
Other new features include:

• a data port to plug in the new PursuiTrak
(PROPT20) GPS Tracking
System, which unlike its predecessor
is available with prepaid plan;

• a dual-stage impact sensor with
city mode that “virtually eliminates
false triggering;” and

• a horn-honk output to eliminate
the need to install a siren. If a siren is
not installed, the new systems feature
a built-in noisemaker to differentiate a
panic alert from a break-in alert.

The new Pursuit series also features
uniform wiring and programming and
a DBI port enabling “plug-in” connection
of door-lock interface modules.

The series includes basic alarms as
well as systems with two-way remotes,
security, remote start and keyless entry.

The Bluetooth hands-free kit for
Toyotas features an in-dash Toyotastyle
switch that connects to a universal
Bluetooth module, which in turn
connects to the factory sound system.
Factory-look switches are also
available for use with the module for
Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan.