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Work From Home Tech: MXL AC-44 USB Conferencing Microphone

The AC-44 builds upon MXL’s 30 years of developing high performance microphones for conferencing, studio recording, and live stage performance.

MXL Microphones AC-44 (Image credit: MXL Microphones)

The new MXL’s AC-44 USB Conferencing Microphone offers crystal clear speech intelligibility in a compact design for applications that require accurate voice recognition with limited installation space. The AC-44 builds upon MXL’s 30 years of developing high performance microphones for conferencing, studio recording, and live stage performance.

With a footprint measuring only 2.5×3-inches, and 1-inch tall, the AC-44 is an ideal solution for limited space applications including huddle rooms, conference rooms and video meetings. The AC-44 can also be easily affixed to medical carts for telemedicine, placed in robotics for receiving voice commands and incorporated into OEM applications for pristine audio clarity.

The AC-44 uses MXL’s signature 3-capsule boundary design to create a small microphone with a wide pickup arc. The AC-44’s 180-degree cardioid pickup pattern provides excellent sound rejection from the back, focusing on the sources in front of the microphone while rejecting unwanted noise. This is especially beneficial in noisy offices and while working remotely from a home environment.

For telemedicine, the AC-44 attaches easily to medical carts and can integrate with any existing telemedicine cart system, providing an instant upgrade in audio and speech intelligibility. This solution allows patients to communicate confidently with doctors who can then clearly understand the symptoms described. As voice-activated commands become more prevalent in electronics, such as in robotics and more advanced OEM applications, the AC-44 provides an ideal solution for capturing clear speech in a confined space.

Powered by a simple USB-C connection, MXL’s AC-44 is compatible with any computer without having to download any drivers — making the AC-44 a true plug-and-play microphone solution. There is an additional 3.5mm auxiliary output on the AC-44 for increased compatibility for OEM applications.

The AC-44 is designed with a rugged, all-metal frame and durable metal grill to ensure it can withstand the rigors of daily use in busy industrial environments. For huddle room conferencing and video meetings, the AC-44 is an ideal solution for office (and home office) spaces because of its clear sound pickup and wide coverage arc, and its small footprint makes it an unassuming installation for any huddle room or phone room setup.

The AC-44 joins MXL’s award-winning line of AC-Series USB conferencing microphones, including the AC-404 180° Conferencing Microphone, and the AC-360-Z 360° Microphone for Zoom Rooms. For users with existing installations including MXL conferencing microphones, the AC-44 shares many design elements and styling with the line for a seamless extension of existing décor.

MXL’s AC-44 is available in three different colors: white, black and cobalt blue, with the ability to offer custom colors and capsule configurations for special applications.

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