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Crestron, Origin Acoustics Announce New Residential Audio Solutions

New line of residential architectural and landscape speakers crafted specifically to handle the high-performance audio output of the new Crestron DM NAX Audio-over-IP amplifier

Crestron DM NAX and Crestron Speakers made by Origin Acoustics – Ultimate In-Wall

Crestron Electronics announced a lineup of in-wall, in-ceiling, and landscape speakers developed through a partnership with Origin Acoustics, an industry leader in loudspeakers, electronics, and accessories. Crestron also announced the DM NAX™ matrix/amplifier and streaming music player for high-performance audio-over-IP and native integration with Crestron Home™.

John Clancy, Vice President, Residential, Crestron

“The residential line of architectural and landscape speakers and high performance audio distribution system offer a no compromise solution that scales across project sizes to deliver an unmatched home entertainment experience. By partnering with Origin Acoustics, we were able combine our expertise to fill an exceptional need in the market with an extraordinary new series of audio products,” said John Clancy, VP of Residential, Crestron in a statement.

The new line of Crestron Speakers made by Origin Acoustics fall within two distinct performance tiers: Reference and Ultimate. Speakers from the baseline-level Reference tier, made up of in-ceiling, in-wall, and landscape models, feature Origin’s patented silk tweeters, known for their smooth sound, and glass fiber drivers designed to produce very low distortion. Speakers from the luxury Ultimate tier, made up of in-ceiling, in-wall, marine-grade, and landscape models, are designed to offer users the best available performance and feature carbon-fiber components and ceramic-coated aluminum tweeters that optimize sound accuracy.

Nick Berry, CEO, Origin Acoustics

Crestron Residential Speakers are made with premium components to support the incredibly high output and resolution capacity of the DM NAX amplifier. Built for optimal performance right out of the box, each speaker model is architecturally constructed to disappear into a home’s design without ever sacrificing audio quality.

“Origin Acoustics is excited about the potential that the Crestron architectural speaker line and the partnership unlock for us as a brand,” said Nick Berry, CEO of Origin Acoustics in a statement. “Our goal, since the inception of Origin Acoustics, was to build the world’s finest architectural loudspeakers. The new alliance is complimentary as Origin’s heritage in audio, leadership in innovative and labor-saving loudspeaker design, and Crestron’s ingenuity and technological innovation in whole-house automation.”

Crestron DM NAX Audio-over-IP Distribution Solution

Crestron Speakers made by Origin Acoustics – Reference In-Wall with Grill

Identifying a gap in the market for an audio solution that could fully integrate into a smart home platform and provide both high-resolution and high-output audio for even the most discerning audiophile, Crestron’s new DM NAX matrix/amplifier line brings unparalleled connectivity with native music streaming from today’s most popular services. With Crestron Home integration, homeowners will gain full visibility and control of their home audio from mobile devices, touch screens, remotes, keypads, and voice-activated devices.

Clancy added, “In the 30 years I’ve been associated with Crestron, I’ve never been more excited about an audio product line. I can’t wait to get these products into customers’ hands.”

Crestron Residential Speakers made by Origin Acoustics will ship in April, while the Crestron DM NAX line will ship in early June.

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