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Savoir, KEF Partner To Improve Sleep Health With Sound

Savoir’s Seventy-Five hand-crafted bed features KEF speakers in the headboard and six KEF subwoofers in the base

(image credit: Savoir)

Savoir, creators of hand-crafted beds, has partnered with KEF to launch its latest design: the Seventy-Five. Named for the ideal number of beats per minute in a song to aid relaxation, this meticulously crafted bed features integrated, high-fidelity KEF speakers.

“Music has the potential to transport us, which is exactly what we need in order to fall asleep. In our go-go busy lives, it is easy for the day to fly by filled with work tasks, then bedtime rolls around and many of us can struggle because we have not built in time to relax, unplug, and unwind. Music is one terrific way to separate from your busy day, transport yourself, and prepare the mind and body for sleep,” said Dr. Rebecca Robins, MMSci, PhD, MS.

As Savoir’s specialist sleep scientist, Dr. Robins emphasizes the critical role of good-quality sleep, with insomnia proven to cause stress-related ailments. It has been reported that the average life expectancy of men is reduced by almost three years when faced with increased stress levels. Despite living in an era where men’s well-being has garnered increased attention, the question remains: is stress perpetuated by interrupted sleep and how can this be prevented?

Savoir is taking steps to combat this issue with the launch of the Seventy-Five. Research has found that listening to music, particularly classical music, reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety, thus improving sleep quality.

(image credit: Savoir)

Requiring more than 150 hours of skilled craftsmanship, the Seventy-Five bed boasts a distinctive design upholstered with two contrasting fabrics, with a headboard and base dressed in a Kvadrat x Raf Simmons fabric. It’s made using sustainably sourced wool engineered to compliment the sound quality, as well as a fully recycled Kirkby Design fabric on the back.

Two KEF Ci3160REFM-THX speakers from KEF’s Reference Series are embedded within the curved headboard that envelopes the speaker in a truly immersive sound stage. The performance of the speaker system is enhanced by six of KEF’s Kube 8b subwoofers, which are discreetly hidden in the base of the bed. The bed is adorned with dark American walnut side tables integrated with wireless charging ports, blending Savoir’s classic heritage with KEF’s modern engineering, which subtly enhances the masculine elements of this iconic No.2 bed.

The speakers built into the Seventy-Five bed exhibit KEF’s engineering ingenuity, including the pioneering Uni-Q driver array technology, which disperses sound more evenly, allowing the sleeper to enjoy the same, detailed sound, wherever they are in the room. This collaboration with Savoir combines Savoir’s No. 2 bed — respected for its craftsmanship, comfort, and style — with KEF’s audio innovation to revolutionize sleep.

Prices start from $115,093 (excluding installation).

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