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Argosy Announces HDD Media Player

Argosy will introduce a new hard drive-based media player for the OEM market this week called the HV356.

The HV356, also called the Mobile Video HDD HD, will come in two different form factors. The first has a fixed 3.5-inch internal hard drive and the second a slot for a removable hard drive. These are expected to ship during the first quarter, pricing has not been set.

The drive will be sold into the OEM market. The OEM can decide what size hard drive to include with a maximum capacity of 750GB. Argosy is also willing to just sell the OEM the enclosure without a drive allowing the consumer to fill the empty drive bay. Argosy would also be interested in setting up a private label deal, a company spokeswoman said.

The product is not a network device, but it can be connected to either a TV or PC. The end user downloads the content onto the device via USB 2.0 from the PC and then moves the entire unit to the TV and connects it via the through a component video jack. The HDD is about the size of a hard cover book. Argosy said the video output is in 780p or 1080i format.

The drives come with a remote control.