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Bosch Launches New Compact Washer And Dryer

Full-size features are included in the new 500- and 800-Series compact washer and dryer

Bosch home appliances has announced the launch of two new lines of compact washers and dryers, available across the company’s 500 and 800 Series. Both series’ models feature Bosch’s Home Connect technology that includes additional program options, such as the ability to start wash and dry cycles from a smartphone or tablet. Also included are remote monitoring features and “Smart Dry,” which recommends the most suitable drying settings based on the most recent wash cycle.

With the 800 Series, Bosch is adding i-DOS technology that detects the size of the load, fabric type, and soil level so the washer can automatically dispense the ideal amount of liquid detergent needed for each load. The dryer also includes a “Steam Restore” feature to dry and refresh clothes, which reduces wrinkles and minimizes the need for ironing.

The new 500 and 800 Series laundry pairs are available at retailers nationwide at price points ranging from $1,499-$1,849. For more information about the new laundry pairs and to find a retailer near you, please visit here.


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