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GE Appliances Opens Preorders For New Trattoria Pizza Oven

Innovation Studio by GE Profile Trattoria Pizza Oven makes cooking pizza at home faster and easier than ever before

The Trattoria Pizza Oven creates restaurant-caliber pizza with technology built into a conventional range.

The Innovation Studio by GE Profile has announced the Trattoria Pizza Oven, a revolutionary home appliance that enables consumers to create restaurant-caliber pizza with technology built into a conventional range. By integrating cutting-edge precision algorithms and the Innovation Studio engineers’ passion for pizza, the Trattoria Pizza Oven heats twice as fast as a pizza steel, giving consumers the pizza they love in half the time.

“The vision of the Innovation Studio by GE Profile is to push the boundaries of technology to solve everyday challenges with groundbreaking technology,” said Bridget McCauley, brand development senior manager, GE Profile. “The GE Profile’s Innovation Studio Trattoria Pizza Oven is the first in a series of products that will expand the way users think about the capabilities of the appliances in their home, facilitating delicious pizza at home, every time. Pizza is a natural starting place for our new line of appliances, as 93% of Americans consume pizza every month and 13% eat pizza daily.”

The Trattoria Pizza Oven brings a host of features for the dedicated pizza lover, including:

  • The secret sauce is a proprietary aluminum alloy Built-In Rapid Crisping Plate and a Broil Amplifier capable of creating temperatures of up to 550° F for a scrumptious charred pizza crust in a matter of minutes.
  • The Trattoria Pizza Oven pizza surface heats up far quicker than other pizza accessories like pizza stones that can take close to an hour to preheat, all while requiring just minutes to recover between pizzas.
  • Four different bake modes (Artisan, New York, Frozen & Pan) designed by a pizza-passionate engineer who believed at-home pizza chefs deserved better, and all perfected by food scientists who formulated cooking algorithms.
  • Best of all, the product isn’t just for pizza lovers. It also packs all of the great features users have come to expect from a dual cavity GE Profile range, including a large lower oven, convenient features such as air fry, and a standard 30″ size for easy installation.

The Trattoria Pizza Oven is available for pre-purchase beginning July 26 for $3,499.

To learn more about the cutting-edge technology work taking place in the Innovation Studio by GE Profile, visit our website,

About the Innovation Studio by GE Profile
The Innovation Studio by GE Profile brings good ideas to life. But it’s not only where innovation takes shape. It’s where it takes place. Filled with engineers passionate about advanced technology and solution-driven results, it opens a door. The Innovation Studio by GE Profile creates first-hand access to the innovation journey, welcoming a community of loyal users to follow along.

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