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AIX DVD-Audio Discs Going All The Way

LOS ANGELES — AIX Records will pack its first three DVD-Audio discs with multiple multichannel audio formats and multiple full-motion video tracks.

The independent music company plans a June release of two classical and one jazz title, all recorded and mixed digitally. The discs are dual-sided, with one side featuring a dual layer. The single-layer side will feature a 5.1-channel 96kHz/24-bit recording using Meridian Lossless Packing. The dual-layer side features four versions of the soundtrack. One Dolby Digital (DD) 5.1 version is mixed from the audience perspective, as are the DTS 5.1 and DD 2.0 versions. A second DD 5.1 soundtrack is mixed from an on-stage perspective. Accompanying the dual-side soundtracks are full-motion recording-session videos viewable from beginning to end from three camera angles.

The dual-layer side also features a commentary track. They’ll retail for $24.98 in stores and on the company’s web site, Nine more fully featured DVD-A/V discs are in the works. The company has no SACD plans.